These are just some of the ways Marian Massie can help you!

Personal Development:

Increase confidence and self-esteem, create better relationships, alleviate depression, grief or stress, and anger reduction. Stop Self-sabotaging behaviors and become happier and more empowered!

Most people experience knowing what to do and just don't do it. Other coaching or therapy focus on just the intellect, which comprises 10% of your minds power. I also work in conjunction with your subconscious mind, which is 90% of your minds power. Working on both levels of the mind together helps you to achieve deeper change more quickly because you can have totally different beliefs consciously and subconsciously. I work globally as a hypnotherapist/life success coach, even though I am located in Atlanta Georgia.

I encourage you to call, text at 404-455-0177 or email me at to arrange for a FREE consultation. I promise you no pressure, but rather opportunities to learn, to get educated, about my special approach. I look forward to the opportunity to speaking with you, to help you understand how this could be the most important step in your life. Thank you and remember, I am truly here for you and your success!

Business Development:

Time management, fear of public speaking, increasing your income, take your business to the next level, stop self-sabotaging behaviors.

This is an actual account of Marian's life from childhood through adulthood and her relationship with God, Divine Love and Spirit. She chronicles how God communicated to her through dreams, sound, light and inner guidance. By reae story you can come to a greater understanding how God helps all of us, if we know the language.

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Transformational information given in a down-to-earth style. Marian helps you understand anger, beliefs, relationships and much more, in a deeper more comprehensive way. She interlaces this knowledge with tools and methods to help you in your daily life that make real life change.

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"I have been in different types of therapy over the years but Marians methods are far superior to anything I ever encountered. She gets right to the core issues and with the hypnotherapy techniques provides quick results. All facets of my life are benefiting as I reach a balance I have never known before."

~ Pat Harmeyer

“My work with Marian has allowed me to become debt free. I have worked on this for years and I attained success in less than 6 months with Marian Massie!"

~ Shea Embry

"Hypnotherapy/Success coaching with Marian has changed my self- image and made me more confident!"

~ Allen Sheron

Your coaching has let me see the true capabilities that I have within me, to reach goals I had only dreamed about. Thank you for changing my life!

~ Kenny Zail

Approximately 3 days after my first session my shift in perspective was radical--180 degrees from where I had been, and really helped me to turn things around in the direction I needed my business to go. Plus, each night that I listened to my hypnotic CD and after only about 4 days, my insomnia was gone. It really works!!!

~ Shelia Hunt