Marian Massie

Hypnotherapist/Success Coach

Change Your Beliefs...Change Your Life!

The Power to Transform Your Life is Within you!

Create the Life You Have Always Wanted!

You may benefit from hypnotherapy/success coaching if:

  • Traditional therapy hasn’t worked.
  • You find yourself constantly angry or irritated.
  • Have lack of motivation in business or personal life.
  • You find yourself stressed and anxious.
  • Keep dating the same losers.
  • Want to feel more joy or confidence.
  • Find yourself sad more often than not.

Marian Massie’s powerful method of hypnotherapy/success coaching is a much faster approach than traditional therapy. 

Marian incorporates intellectual coaching with changing core negative subconscious beliefs that have kept you from reaching your goals. 

There is no time in the subconscious mind, so regardless of how long you have held on to negative or limiting beliefs the power to change them is right here, right now with the correct methods.

Your subconscious is 90 percent of your minds power. It will always win over your intellect.

My clients have often told me that they have gotten more results with me in a session or two than in 6 months of traditional therapy.
~ Marian Massie

You can use hypnotherapy/success coaching for every area of your life! 

It leaves you empowered, more confident and aware.

"I have been in different types of therapy over the years but Marians methods are far superior to anything I ever encountered. She gets right to the core issues and with the hypnotherapy techniques provides quick results. All facets of my life are benefiting as I reach a balance I have never known before." 
~ Pat Harmeyer
"My work with Marian has allowed me to become debt free. I have worked on this for years and I attained success in less than 6 months with Marian Massie!"  ~ Shea Embry
 "Hypnotherapy/Success coaching with Marian has changed my self- image and made me more confident!" ~ Allen Sheron
"Approximately 3 days after my first session my shift in perspective was radical--180 degrees from where I had been, and really helped me to turn things around in the direction I needed my business to go. Plus, each night that I listened to my hypnotic MP3 and after only about 4 days, my insomnia was gone. It really works!!!"  ~ Shelia
"Your coaching has let me see the true capabilities that I have within me, to reach goals I had only dreamed about. Thank you for changing my life! ~ Kenny Zail

Marian Massie

Marian Massie Art

I call my style of painting, abstract realism. I try to bring aspects of Spirit through dramatic color and subject matter. 

Below are just a sample of the art you will find on my art website. 

Marian Massie Art Click Here 

Marian Massie Books

Over 25 years ago I had a dream which foretold I would write two books to help people uplift their lives. Writing is something I never gravitate to naturally, but my inner guidance nudged me to write You Are Soul and Dancing With God.

In Dancing With God I relate my personal journey from my childhood to adulthood  and how my dreams and inner guidance help me navigate very hard periods of my life.

You can order my book on Amazon

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You Are Soul is a handbook of sorts to have deeper understanding of how life works from your mind, emotions, and how spirit guides us in our daily life. 

You can order my book on Amazon

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